Credit Report

A credit report will be run on all chosen perspective applicants.  Counseling sessions will be given to help the prospective candidates and the candidate must demonstrate improvements toward improving credit and payment catch up.  Candidates will be advised in setting up budgets, spending habits, and given information to help them fully understand the loan application process.

What is credit counseling?

On average, a consumer credit counseling session takes about 30 minutes. Whether you pursue online credit counseling or telephone counseling, here is what will happen during your session:

  • Information: You’ll provide basic contact and demographic information.
  • Financial Situation: You’ll share information about your income and assets.
  • Budget: You’ll provide a detailed list of your expenses. You’ll receive an analysis of your expenses and recommendations for how to reduce them.
  • Debt: You’ll pull your credit report for a detailed list of your current credit card debts and other loans.
  • Solution: You’ll receive a personalized debt relief solution.